Waste Management Services

Relevant professional experience

  • Worked for end of pipe line solution for waste by developing a facility to produce recycled products and market for the recycled products.
  • Worked on community engagement programs and developed supply chain for various waste commodities.
  • Developed and operate Dry Waste Collection Centres as a tool to reduce logistic cost in waste management and provide safe and healthy environment for the waste handlers.
  • Worked with Delhi Government and Ministry of Urban & Housing Affair as a trainer to provide training on waste management.
  • Developed a model to motivate rag-pickers and their children for primary education, and health and running a Primary Education Centre and health care program for rag-pickers’ children.
  • Executed Decentralized Solid Waste Management System in residential, institutional and corporate complexes.
  • We recycle several types of plastics e.g. PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, ABS GPPS, HIPS,PC, PMMA, PVB, TPE, TPO,TPR,HYTREL, NYLON, PBT, PET, etc.

Latest Developments: Extrusion from mix plastic waste;  Compression moulding of MLP into boards; MLP pelletising &  HDPE compound with coconut fibre