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Dr. Priyank Arya, an EHS-Sustainability Professional having +21 Year’s rich multi sectors industrial experience to strengthen & establish a sustainable business model by implementing strategic planning under CSR, Reduction in Carbon Footprints, Continuous R&D to reduce Natural Resources consumption, 100% statutory compliances towards Environment, Health & Safety.

He has completed a master’s & Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences with a diploma in Industrial Safety.

He was awarded as ‘50 Most Impactful EHS Professional’ of India in Y-2017. He worked with India’s key brands viz. Dabur India Ltd., Jubilant Life Sciences, DCM Sriram, and a few more.

He is Founder of EHS Services (An Environment, Health & Safety Advisory Consultancy), available to advise & consult on different matters viz., Environment Compliance, Waste Management, Plastic Waste Compliance, Ground Water Compliance, EHS Statutory & Legal Liaison, Industrial Safety, EHS Audits, EHS Training & Awareness & to provide skilled EHS Workforce to different institutions.

He is an advisor & consultant to MSMECCII (Ministry of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Chamber of Commerce of India) to support Indian industries on different Environmental related matters from time to time.

Dr. Arya is working on PWM Rule EPR Compliances since April 2016. According to him becoming plastic waste neutral is a great way to help stop plastic from entering the water bodies and littering in Environment. He had 4 year’s groundwork experience only on Plastic Waste Management with Regulatory Bodies/ULB’s/Recyclers/ Coprocessors/Ragpickers/Aggregators/Transporters/NGO’s/ WMA/Institutions/Audit Agencies on Plastic Waste Management and has been supporting young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to reducing plastic pollution.

Dr. Arya’s key achievements on Plastic Waste Management:

  • Dr. Arya motivated to M/s. Dabur India Limited is a Head EHS corporate & facilitated to become a plastic waste neutral brand by 2021 by achieving a target of 22000 MT plastic waste collection and its recycling/end of life.
  • He derived to conduct India’s 1st MLP Collection Drive (WeCare & EPR Connect) with the help of CPCB, SPCB’s, ULB’s & multi-state Waste Management Agencies. These 2 pilot projects covered Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, U.P, Haryana, Uttarakhand & Ahmedabad along with CPCB, SPCB’s, ULB’s with a collection of approx. 1500 MT of MLP.
  • He was one of the committee members for framing the National EPR Guidelines along with MoEFCC, CPCB, UNDP, WeCare, PACE, Recyclers & WMA/PRO’s.
  • He led and formed multiple consortiums as,
    • WeCare (Waste Efficient Collection and Recycling Efforts Society) for Multilayer Plastic with a vision to bring all PIBO’s to a common platform for recycling of MLP duly supported by +35 PIBO’s.
    • AARC (Action Alliance for Recycling Beverage Cartons) with a vision to double the collection and recycling of used paper cartons by 2025 duly supported by +15 Brands.
    • PACE (PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment) is an industry body to promote the benefits of PET packaging for a safe and clean environment duly supported by +25 PIBO’s.
  • He is one of the brains behind instrumenting “PPWMS Society” (Punjab Plastic Waste Management Society) having + 50 PIBO’s. He helped to lay the foundation of India’s first successful MLP specific EPR Model since 2018 based on the Private Public Partnership (PPP) model with a theme “Swach Punjab – Swasth Punjab”. Presently PPWMS is targeting 9000 MT of MLP waste collection.
  • He did multiple representations on behalf of PIBO’s Consortiums (WeCare, AARC, PACE, PPWMS, CII, FICCI, IBA, AIPMA) to MoEFCC, CPCB, SPCB’s (UPPCB, HSPCB, BSPCB, KSPCB, J&KPCB, TNPCB, KSPCB, KPCB, HPPCB, UEPCB, A&N, etc.) & FSSAI for addressing multiple issues for implementing PWM Rule EPR compliances.
  • Facilitate Brands to do MLP PWM EPR compliance from 450 MT to +1,50,000 MT.
  • Framed ‘Must Have’ and ‘Good to Have’ PWM EPR Documents to meet PWM Rule 2016, 2018 & 2021 (Draft).
  • He worked with different ULB’s/SPCB’s and created Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) on the PPP Model (example: PPWMS Society in Punjab) for successful implementation of PWM Rule EPR compliances and many more are in pipeline.
  • Presently he is advising multi-state SPCB’s, Waste Management Agencies, Plastic Waste Recyclers/Co-Processors, PIBO’s and their associations on different issues related to PWM Rule 2016, amended 2018.

Dr. Arya can support you in developing PPP Model and can bring all key stakeholders


to the common platform required for plastic waste management compliance.